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Day is done, gone the sun
from the lake, from the hill,
from the sky.
All is well, safely rest.  God is nigh.
Thanks and praise for our days
'neath the sun, 'neath the stars,
'neath the sky.
As we go, this we know.  God is nigh.

                    The Following Fallen Were Members Of VFW Post 1038
                           Our Sympathies Go Out To Family And Friends

                                            * = Past Post Commander

                  Jerald B. Dietsche
  05/31/17  US Navy     Vietnam
                   Ronald M. Pinter
  03/07/17  US ArmyVietnam & P. Gulf
                   Luke J. Sonsalla
  03/04/17USN & USAF
                   Donald E. Shilts
  02/14/17  US Navy        WWII
                            *****      *****     *****         *****
              Richard A. Ermatinger
  12/10/16 US Navy       Korea
                  Norbert T. Kinnick
  11/29/16 US Army       Korea
                 Theodore J. Wajek  10/22/16 US Navy       WWII
                Michael G. McLean
  10/14/16 US Army Korea Service
                   Harold W. Knoll
  08/19/16 US Army       WWII
                  Wayne L. Bollom
  06/24/16 US Navy     Vietnam
                 Roland G. Keyeski
  06/23/16   USMC       Korea
                John G. Globensky
  06/10/16 US Navy       WWII
            Col. Roger E. Stiles (Ret)
  05/25/16   USAF     Vietnam
                 Clyde E. Pederson
  04/01/16 US Army       WWII
                 John R. Fransway
  01/30/16 US Navy       Cuba
      *****     *****         *****
                Walter W. Deuel, Jr.
  12/15/15 US Army       Korea
                 Robert J. Kreiling
  11/26/15 US Navy     Vietnam
                 Robert J. Gannon
  09/16/15 US Navy       Korea
                  John C. Holdorf
   07/02/15 US Navy  WWII, Korea &
               Theodore P. Rygiel   04/13/15 US Army     WWII Occ
                          *****      *****     *****         *****
                  Arlan R. Cloutier   12/10/14 US Navy     Vietnam
                Ralph H. Rubenzer   08/30/14 US Army       Korea
              Raymond F. Ripienski   07/01/14   USMC    WWII PTO
                 Stanley L. Meier   06/16/14 US Army    WWII PTO
               Duane F. Freagon*   06/10/14 US Navy       Korea
                Edgar J, Riley, Jr.   05/14/14 US Army WWII Japan Occ
                  Howard H. Post   03/15/14 US Army    WWII PTO
                Loren W. Sawyer   02/27/14 US Army    WWII Occ
               Alfred R. Marshall   02/26/14 Navy AC       Korea
                 Carl T. Wohlbier   01/05/14 US Army       Korea
                          *****      *****     *****         *****
     Francis "Pretzel" Schemenauer   08/27/13 US Army       Korea
                  Lester M. Madson   07/10/13 US Navy        WWII
                Donald F. Atkinson   06/23/13 US Army        WWII
                      Leo F. Fisher   05/11/13 US Army        WWII
                Richard R. Prueher   04/29/13   USAF      Vietnam
                 Robert E. Loiselle   02/01/13 US Army        WWII
                   Carl N. Krueger   01/03/13 US Army        WWII
                          *****       *****     *****         *****
      Clarence J. "Clancy" Horvatin   11/25/12 US Navy        WWII
                 Charles G. Dumars   10/14/12   USMC        WWII
                  Leon R. Greening   10/11/12 US Army        Korea
                 Jack W. Crawford   08/07/12 US Army        WWII
                  Gary B. McGraw   07/14/12 US Navy Vietnam & Cuba
                          *****       *****     *****         *****
                  Ennis J. Lyberg   10/27/11 US Army        Korea
                Walter F. Wohlbier, Jr.*   10/18/11 US Army     WWII Occ
                  Myron E. Sabin   08/06/11 US Army        WWII
            William A. Lazarz, Sr.   05/29/11 US Navy        WWII
        Ralph D. Norquist (Silver Star)   02/15/11   USMC        WWII
                  Porter P. Popple   01/07/11   USAF        Korea
                          *****      *****     *****         *****
              Noel E. Bergeron, Jr.   12/20/10 US Army        WWII
        Bernard F. "Butch" Cardinal   12/03/10   USMC        WWII
               Chester E. Lessard   05/18/10 US Army        WWII
            Eugene C. Novotney, Sr.   04/15/10 US Army        Korea
                 Clyde F. Heidtke            01/04/10 US Army        WWII
                           *****      *****     *****         *****
              Norman L. Helgestad   09/27/09 US Army        WWII
                Robert L. Calkins   09/15/09 US Army     WWII Occ
              Robert L. Marek, Sr.   09/15/09 US Army     WWII Occ
             Richard L. Kinderman *   07/13/09 US Navy     Vietnam
                 Verlyn K. Molle   02/27/09 US Army       Berlin
           John W. "Jack" Brenner   02/17/09 US Navy   WWII & Korea
               Clarence E. Fagner *   01/27/09 US Army      WWII Occ
                           *****       *****     *****         *****
                    Lee E. Baier   11/20/08 US Navy        Cuba
                George W. Joas   11/15/08 US Army        WWII
                  Llyod H. Balts   10/26/08 US Army        WWII
               Warren G. Stuebs   10/24/08   USMC        Korea 
                   Ronald H. Lea   05/12/08 US Navy        Korea
                 Gerald E. Mayer   04/21/08 US Army        Korea
                 David R. Redard   04/15/08 US Army        Korea
               Todd E. Andersen   04/10/08   USMC      Vietnam
              Donald C. Christorf   04/09/08 US Army        WWII
              Arnold C. Pedersen   01/26/08 US Army        WWII
                          *****       *****     *****         *****
                  Roy A. Nayes   10/19/07 US Army        WWII
              Donald H. Bourget   08/26/07 US Army        Korea
                   Olga P. Olson   03/05/07   USAF  WWII & Korea
             Emmett S. O'Connell   03/01/07 US Army        WWII
               Marvin J. Sherette   02/09/07 US Navy        WWII
                          *****       *****     *****         *****
       Harrison "Harry" V. Siddons   10/25/06 US Navy        Korea
                Kevin J. Loiselle   10/21/06 US Army        WWII
             Harold "Bud" Adrian   04/13/06 US Army        WWII
             Raymond F. Crowell   03/24/06 US Army        Korea
            Marvin G. Follensbee   02/28/06   USMC        Korea
                 Edwin E. Welke   02/05/06 US Army        WWII
           Casper C. Krumenauer *       01/30/06 US Army        WWII 
                           *****       *****     *****         *****
                 Dale E. Gourley   12/31/05 US Navy        WWII
             Clinton L. Jacobson   12/18/05 US Army     WWII Occ
              Thomas J. Carroll   11/11/05   USMC        WWII
                Paul V. Rasmus   10/16/05 US Navy        WWII
               George W. Bowe   10/02/05 US Army        WWII
               Paul L. Johnson   09/23/05 US Army        Korea
             Jack A. Hedrington   09/19/05 US Army        Korea
           Henry F. "Bud" Warns   08/24/05 US Army        WWII
               Floyd A. Arnsdorf               03/28/05      USAF           WWII  
                Homer W. Coarse                 03/08/05    US Navy        WWII
                 Paul A. Nicolai                   02/07/05  US Army        WWII
                           *****       *****     *****         *****
               Lloyd E. Tishman    12/17/04  US Army        WWII
          Raymond L. Schmidmayr    12/04/04 US Army        WWII
                David L. Bollom *   07/22/04 US Navy        Korea
               David L. Schoettl                 06/16/04 US Army        WWII
              Arthur L. Manglos *               05/30/04 US Navy        WWII
             Morgan P. Stenseth   03/29/04 US Navy        WWII
               Clifford A. Zech     02/01/04   USAF        WWII
                           *****              *****     *****         *****
                James A. Gort      12/30/03 US Navy        WWII
                Joseph M. Lies    12/21/03 US Army        WWII
                Donald V. Burt   11/07/03 US Army        WWII
                 Carl L. Olson    09/21/03  US Army        Korea
           Howard D. Schroeder   07/04/03   USAF Korea & Vietnam
              John E. Gilles, Jr.   06/23/03 US Army        Korea
                Donald J. Price    06/20/03 US Navy       WWII
            Charles Ludwikoski   06/04/03  US Army       WWII
           Leonard "Pete" Dolan    03/11/03 US Army       Korea
              Jerald W. Hayes    01/15/03  US Army       Korea
                           *****       *****     *****        *****
           Bernard "Bud" Young    12/11/02 US Army       WWII
               Victor C. Smola   10/17/02   US Army       WWII
                 Victor P. Frye   09/29/02 US Army       WWII
               Donald J. Meade   08/28/02   USAF WWII & Vietnam
               Ralph L. Phillips   07/11/02 US Navy       WWII
                Harland Nyhus    05/28/02 US Army       WWII
           John "Jack" Siddons             03/03/02      US Army       Korea